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Wins £5000 cash on top of her casino winnings and goes shopping

Wins £5000 cash on top of her casino winnings and goes shopping

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Wins £5000 cash on top of her casino winnings and goes shopping -

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So what are they hoping to achieve by getting angry people into the dealership? So even if they did what others have said, and pulled his credit info, got his legit address, phone number, or whatever, all of that information is essentially a very comprehensive guide to a person, who will never ever do business with you again, and is one person who is certifiably whatever the opposite of a 'potential customer' is.

Which is pretty amazing considering that basically everyone in a radius of miles of you with money to spend is a potential customer in one way or another.

Selling something really expensive? Who knows which one of these folks might win the powerball? Selling women's sanitary products?

Some men will be running errands this week! Selling tamagotchis from ? There's probably a collector or a hoarder or a geek somewhere in your area.

So these people have literally managed to take a product that literally everyone wants or needs cars , and then ensure that out of all the people who might buy from them, they now have a list of people who would rather have their toes cut off than enter their store again.

I really need someone to explain this to me. Are they trying to find customers by the process of elimination? The one that really irritates me is stuff from banks.

When I see "please respond urgently, final notice" on an envelope from my bank, and it turns out to be an attempt to sell me on some kind of new card, that irritates me.

Ever wonder why you get mailers from so many different dealerships, even ones you've never been to? Oh look, a mailer for 3.

This is probably the best answer. I was wondering if dealerships traded client information with each other. I vote we sacrifice one car salesman to Cthulhu every Wednesday.

You could act interested in a car, test drive a bunch, ask a fuckload of questions, spend hours looking at their different options, say you'll take one, negotiate the price, get down to filling out paperwork, say you need to run to the bathroom and then FUCKING LEAVE.

I really wish these people wouldn't buy a car, but they will. Consumers are collectively terrible at being consumers.

People vote with their dollars for what kind of companies they want to exist, and they don't seem to care. The car dealership scenario affects the buyer directly, so most would probably do business with the good dealer.

Lots of companies use cheap foreign labor, and yet business is booming. That's the harsh reality. People just don't care unless it has a direct effect on them personally.

It's like the Nigerian Prince scam. They are weeding out the intellectual folks. Anyone who shows up for these things is going to be an easy mark.

I went in for one of these, stonewalled them and drove their car for two days as an "overnight test drive" and never signed shit.

Also returned with an empty tank. They ran my credit, sure Dealerships are willing to pay for certain actions: Leads, phone calls, getting people to come into the dealership, etc.

Anything they can get to get in touch with a potential customer. Also the actual owner of the dealership may owner more than one.

That shady as fuck hyundai place Oh look an offer from the toyota place I think ill go there. I wonder how they got my info?

As someone that worked commission sales, not everyone is out to fuck you. Car dealers on the other hand Currently buying a car for a seasonal international job.

I was pretty wary and left 3 or 4 dealerships until I walked onto a used car lot and met the nicest old man.

This guy was a retired professor from a pretty big university and had also been contracted by quite a few governments to set up educational infrastructure or something.

It was really great to talk to him and he really didn't give off a salesman vibe, more like a grandpa kind of vibe.

This, in addition to the fact that he's retired allows him to barely skim a profit, if he even makes any at all, on the lower end cars since it's not really his income and it gives him a pretty good name.

All this to say, I once thought all car salesmen were from satan as well, but I was relieved to find there is the small percentage of people that are still good.

By this time tomorrow I should be cruising to work in a super clean, small 4wd svu with an agreement to sell it back to the same dealer in about 4 months for near the purchase price.

The salesman that says he's not making money on you is making money on you. You fell for his schtick.

He can exaggerate the truth a little without being considered an all out douche though. Hell of a lot better than most car salesmen.

That actually reminds me of my grandfather before he retired! He had gathered a decent nest egg before he moved into car sales and it him it wasn't about money, it was about being able to help people find what they need and not get ripped off.

Part of me thinks he took the job because he knew how shitty most car dealers are This is an amazing read with excellent insight to the world of car sales.

So I said fuck it, because the place where they were doing this stupid scam was on my way home. Dunno, but they just bought a verified, legit mailing address and phone number for 5 bucks.

Good deal for them. I used to generate sales leads online with no credit report. That was just for name, phone number , and email. They pay a ton.

The first time, he insisted that we won a new car, ad didn't believe me when I told him we didn't. Only customers were older parents going Awwwwwww he weally wanted wa cawr how cuwte.

This is basically what happened to me. I got one of those flyers from a car dealership with a scratcher part to see if you won. I was young, but my dad decided to teach me a lesson and took me to the dealership place.

We got there and had to go into some room where they had a wheel to spin. You don't need to lawyer up!!! The form is easy and the process is simple, you'll get to stand in front of a judge who will let you speak your case and make a judgement on the spot.

It's low risk, high reward. If the fine print says you're only entered for a chance to win, like the dealership said, then he will just waste more time and more money filing fees, etc.

It's almost as if they would have hired a shady lawyer to help setup this shady marketing ploy. I like the idea of going to small claims court.

Hopefully it will accomplish 2 things. Local media would also probably be interested in an underdog story as well considering everyone hates car dealership salespeople.

Exactly what I was thinking, you should be able to go to the small claims court without getting a lawyer. Consultations tend to be free for a lot of lawyers and you might be able to work out a deal where the lawyer gets a chunk of that 5k or the other guy has to cover your lawyer costs.

There's an asterisk after "If you have a matching pair you win". Can you take a pic of the back of the card? I'm normally a pretty easy going guy too, but I think this would be what set me off.

In fact, I'm surprised you didn't name them and shame them. There was a big case in my area that involved a dealership advertising a vehicle for a ridiculously low price that got hundreds of people turned up for.

Turns out, they only had one vehicle at that price, all of the other identical vehicles were regular price.

As people reported them to regulatory agencies, they were forced to honor the price they advertised or face hefty fines.

It's worth a shot to at least report them for free instead of getting a lawyer. The ad needs to say something like: Most car ads like this will actually list the stock numbers of the eligible cars as well.

Well, this year Walmart said if you show up a certain time before open, you're guaranteed to get whatever you wanted at the advertised doorbuster price, or you get a raincheck.

Turns out it's not good business to drive up traffic to your store and then antagonize all those potential customers. Call some local attorneys and see if they might do it as a class action.

My firm does them, and depending on the language in the mailer, it's possible there could be something there. Firms like mine are run on contingency, so you wouldn't pay anything out of pocket.

We typically would take a pretty big percentage for injury cases if we win, but class actions work differently, so you'd just be compensated like the rest of the class, basically.

Anyhoo, I do somewhat doubt that they didn't cover themselves in the fine print somehow-- that would be really stupid on their part.

However, if the fine print fooled you and also made oral promises to assuage your doubts, could be something.

I haven't known most car dealerships to have sophisticated legal teams either. Never hurts to make a few calls, lawyers love getting potential cases.

Filing small claims is actually pretty easy in most places, and it's a hassle for the person getting sued. At the very least it'll be as much of an inconvenience for him as it was for you.

I'm guessing it is taken care of in the fine print. You know, the fine print the lawyer wrote for them. Read the fine print again. I got a mailer similar to this a few weeks ago.

You know I did read that. I interpreted it as that was the odds of winning the contest, if that makes sense. Wouldn't this be a golden opportunity to name the dealer so that anyone living in that area stays the fuck away from them?

If you won a contest you didn't enter you its a scam Unless it's a foreign lottery hosted by a Nigerian prince. Do not be ashamed, or embarrassed.

I fell for the same thing, despite being as skeptical as you are. Didn't have as far to drive, but I called, got reassurances that it was for real, and so forth.

Dude answered the phone even acted all excited- "Please come see me, I want to be the one that gets his picture taken handing you the check!

So I go down, and like you, found out quickly it was a scam. Was a bit perturbed. Told them that I had blown my lunch hour to come over, but I would come back the following Saturday, since I was in the market for a new car.

That Saturday, I showed up. I pulled up in my two year old SUV. Told them it was paid off, but I didn't like it much.

It was a rainy, blustery day. I dressed for the weather Took my time flitting from car to car, thoroughly examining them, having him run back and forth for keys, opening ALL the doors at once, trunks, letting the rain get in, and of course taking extended test drives I know we were out in the Mustang for over an hour, because I stopped for lunch.

I drove probably five or six cars There's one puddle around the corner from the dealership guaranteed to have a good amount of mud and leaves in it, and it will get your car dirty Lowered the top on a convertible, didn't put it back up when it started raining.

Spent at least five hours there. Got passed up the food chain when salesman after salesman failed to close. Then, when I'd had enough fun, I told them I actually liked my car, and had no intention of buying a new one I read that sucker front to back looking for the fine print, and it legit looked like i won I never went to the dealer though, i figured it was a scam or some scheme, especially from a car dealer.

I got a mailer from my bank like 6 years ago that I had won 7. I wasn't the one that got the piece of mail though, it was my mom. She called the bank and the person on the phone was so happy and told her to bring it to the bank.

The thing is I had recently opened a student account there, so what would they be scamming me for? We brought it there and it was fucking real.

I was apparently entered in a sweepstakes for newly opened student accounts. Since I was a minor though, I was taxed 2.

Still have that 5k sitting in savings though. This sounds like a very typical experience at a car dealership. I bought a car about 18 months ago and may never do so again.

I've never bought a car new, but I think even if I wanted to I'd have a hard time finding one that I didn't hate. I know every industry has their marketing and cheap gimmicks, but these two seems to be the most prevalent, especially when it comes to obnoxious advertising.

When I thought I had won an iPad, I called them and they said come down to claim your prize, I asked if I had indeed won said iPad, they dodged the direct answer, i asked them point blank, yes or no, if I had won the ipad, still dodged an answer so I hung up.

A year later I "won" bucks on another one of their mailers. I make direct mailers basically everyday like the one that you received.

Yes, these dealerships give out cash prizes, cars, etc. That's just a gimmick to get you to go to the store.

It's usually a lottery or game of chance that you have to participate in after showing up that the prizes are given out. Rolling dice, spinning a wheel, etc.

Basically, you are a "guaranteed winner" but not of the "Grand prize". You are guaranteed to win ONE of the prizes they offer.

Sometimes they even require you to take a test drive or get your current vehicle appraised first. Usually the chances of winning the grand prize are around 1 in ,, and they usually only send out 10,, mailers at a time.

But I have seen it done several times in my 10 years of work. The disclaimer is iron clad, and needs to be approved by a legal team before these go to print.

I'm sure it even says something along the lines of "incase of a misprint, all winning tickets are void. Sorry for your experience, and for the record I am not a fan of this form of advertising.

Gatta pay the bills some how though. There's a fraction of a chance that I made the one you received, but if you could post a pic of it I would like to check it out: Probably some small print-shop using a 10 year-old template.

This thing shouts "not legit" to me. IIRC it is beyond that even, and in some places the grand prize like say a vehicle or that cash isn't owned by the dealership, there is either an intermediary company or insurance set up to cover the cost of the prize based on the rules of the game and the likelihood of a payout.

I seem to recall a story where the insurance either wasn't set up right or the rules of the game were set up badly leading to lawsuits and such when the prize had to be paid out.

Everyone knows that the odds are astronomically low that someone claims the prize, yet the Elks Lodge still pays for insurance just in case someone does claim it.

Fell for a similar thing. They had an ad out saying you get a free iPad for taking a test drive. I actually needed a car so we said fuck it and went and drove a few.

This was one of those places where they really put the hard sell on you so it was annoying and took forever. When it came time to talk price I said I wanted my iPad first and he acted like he hadn't heard of any promotion like that.

This somehow didn't deter him so I eventually explained that I bought the same care from a place down the road from him.

He asked why I chose them over him and I was like "are you fucking serious? It's all been about the iPad. Give me my damn iPad or lose this number.

Yea, so the "prizes" read down, with the "or" being the key word. The 'match to win' just means you match any of the 4 symbol types and you get one of the prizes in the pool.

The a-hole move is that they lined it up such that the "grand prize" looks like it lines up with the 3 bars, 5k with the 7s, etc.

If I was on the jury, I'd call that fraud, but probably not true in the legal sense. When I was a kid, like 9 we got such a thing in the mail, and being a kid got super stoked.

My mom went with it, either looking to teach me about humans or to teach dealerships that they had to break a little kid's heart, not her.

In reality I get a dollar, so that they can claim not to be false advertising. But I'll never forget how happy the guy seemed to be explaining it to me, and he did it really condescendingly, too.

Like fuck you dude, that's an optimistic kid, no need to be a dick. I would have walked over to their little waiting area they usually have for the customers, taken all of the bottled waters, cookies, pretzels , whatever they had and walked out.

Let me be the asshole to say that, if the guy on the phone really said those exact words to you, you should have already known.

I got another one of those mailings from a dealership today. Don't feel too bad. They put in a lot of effort to trick people.

A shame it's still legal. I really want to know how the dealership rationalizes something like this. They send out these mailers intentionally trying to fool people, and when those people come to the dealership and realize they've been deceived, is that somehow supposed to make them want to buy a car?

Or even consider doing business with that dealership anytime in the future? I'm no marketing expert but I don't think it takes more than a moment's thought to realize this is probably doing more harm than good.

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Wins £5000 Cash On Top Of Her Casino Winnings And Goes Shopping Video

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